In this post I am going to share with you at least, 10 important interview tips I wish I knew before I graduated from school. Let’s dig right in:

best interview tips
Best interview tips

Don’t go into an interview without finding out what the interview is about.

There are different types of interviews. So, it is very important to know the different types of interviews: telephone (recruiter-based), technical interview, panel based etc. Always ask the recruiter what type of interview it is you are participating in. You wouldn’t want to go and find yourself in a situation you’re not prepared for. This is the first of our 10 important interview tips.

You will get a job after your 7th interview that is why you try to do internships.

It usually takes a while to get a job so, be prepared to go for a few interviews before landing a job. More importantly, understand that interviewing is a skill. Passing interviews doesn’t just go to the best or smartest person. Rather, it goes to the one who has learned how to master them. Mastering how to answer interview questions is key.

Secondly, it takes about 15 applications to get one call so this should give you an idea of the amount of work involved in being called for seven interviews. We are looking at around 100-150 applications.

One important lesson here is to do internships while you’re still in school. Internships are very good sources of work experience and skill development when it comes to interviews so I’ll encourage you to do that. In fact, that helps your resumé and also makes you an attractive candidate for whatever job you apply for.

Once you’ve crossed that threshold of 7 interviews with the hiring manager, you’ll have all the confidence and experience to do well.

50% of what they put on the job description isn’t important so still apply

Go ahead and apply no matter what they have put on there as descriptions. Many of those things put on there are merely preferences. This means they are hoping to get someone like that so do not allow what they put on the job description scare you from applying.

This is not a joke because I speak from personal experience. I once applied for a job when I didn’t have about 50% of the qualifications they were looking for but I still got it and they were happy to have me onboard.

Expect a call after about 15 applications.

Make up your mind that you will usually get a call after about 15 applications but it can be lesser if you have internships and experience. Do not give up thinking it’s difficult to get a job. Rather, think of it as part of the process.

If you do not have actual corporate experience expect to do about 20 or more before you get a single call. This is not something to be depressed about so make up your mind to apply for more. Don’t just apply for one thinking it will work.

You are the prize and not the other way round

Anytime you are going for an interview you have to remember you are the prize. Yes, every company is looking for a prize, and you are it. Companies are not looking for gap fillers but people who will make a difference. This means that you have to position yourself as the difference maker.

Also, companies are not usually worried about what you can do right now because they are definitely going to train you. In that case, what they need is someone who is smart. Are you that person? This is supposed to be the mindset you should have. The companies know that if they get you they are through. Why? Because you are the prize.

10 important interview tips
You are the Prize

Every interviewer assumes and knows you are lying somewhere.

The interviewer doesn’t just assume that you are lying on the resumé but they actually know that you are lying somewhere. So, they will only be trying to figure out why you’re lying. Never assume that it’s just going to be a smooth ride during the interview. This doesn’t also mean that you shouldn’t be confident. Do not forget our previous point about you being the prize. The best practice, if you don’t want to be caught in a lie, is to share real life experiences to back your points. What this proves to the interviewer is that you were not lying on your resumé.

Prepare for interviews by picking 3 things you represent and 3 proofs of that character.

For every job you are interviewing for pick 3 things you represent and prove them in real life examples of how you do it. For example, if you say you have good communication skills, what real life experience will best exemplify it? Use that experience as proof of your claim. It is important to prepare with these three things.

Finally, here’s a secret for you. The most important statement you’ll make in the interview is, “For example.” The reason is that it shows you really have the experience. Your stories show that you really know what you’re about.

Ask questions to make sure you will enjoy the place and what you will do

Ask questions in order to be sure you will enjoy the place and what you are being hired to do. You need to be bold about this since you are the prize. You can ask about how day-to-day activities of the place, or ask about how the team is doing, or even to greet some of the team members. All of these are good questions to ask.

Do not say you will need sponsorship and you are not lying. It spoils your chances

Going into an interview with this can block your chances of employment. And even if they ask you if you would need it tell them you will not need it because you may actually not need it. Trust God for the provision. What you can do is to go and see the HR manager after your employment and explain how you were probably working on some things that didn’t work out as expected and so may need a bit of assistance. This will be the best approach for you if you may need a sponsorship.

The interviewer is a normal person just like you.

The final point in our 10 important interview tips is that the interviewer is a regular person with issues like you. He just has a task and he’s looking for someone to help him or her achieve their goals. The interview is a process to find out if it is true you can help them achieve their goals as you have said. Do well to exhaust one hour having a conversation.

10 important interview tips
Have a conversation


Have a Career Mentor.

“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.”‬‬

Proverbs‬ ‭15:22‬ ‭NLT

A mentor is someone who has been where you are and has gone on to do well. Usually, you’ll need someone who is about 5 years ahead of you. You will need someone to tell you what works or doesn’t work because a lack of advice could stifle your plans.

The mentor doesn’t necessarily have to be in your field but someone who can guide you on the steps to take. Your mentor is a picture of the future you are looking for.

Finally, out of these 10 important interview tips, let this be No. 1. Once you have done that, you will find that the rest will just follow.

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Free e-book

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