I want to talk to you about 10 things about resumés that stand out. As a result, when you go about your resumés and put these into practice, it will make you stand out. I have heard many students that have been complaining that although they have applied for certain jobs, no one seems to call them. But upon checking, I noticed that these resumés needed a lot of changes. Let us go on to learn about these 10 things about resumés that work.

resumés that stand out

1. Know exactly the title you would like to apply for

It is important to know some of the titles of the jobs that your field of study have. This will help you to know what to look for. If you do not know what title to look for, just google some of the people in your area of study, and the kind of titles they use, and apply them to yours. This is an important characteristic of resumés that stand out

I am a software engineer so I can look for something like, “full stack engineer,” “software engineer”, “software developer”, and many others. Try your best to write down the kind of jobs that are associated with your field.

Do not worry if you have not had a job before. It is up to you to decide what you want, and your prospective employer will respond based on what you project.

Based on this, you do not have to have just one resumé for every job. Have several of them, and change them based on the job you are looking for.

2. Make sure it’s 2 pages

Schools will tell you that your resumé should be just one page so that your prospective employers do not miss it. But experience has taught me that the best resumés that stand out always have 2-pages.

The reason why I am saying have two is because they have told everyone to have 1 page so it has become the conventional wisdom. A 2-page resumé immediately sets you apart.

3. Make sure you have a section for awards

You are almost always told to have a section for experience and education. But I will encourage you to have a section for awards too. Also, if you are in college now, do not put anything from high school on your resumé because you already left high school behind. If you put things you did in high school on your resumé it suggests that you are not mature enough to work wherever you are applying to.

Did you have any form of commendation? Or did you win anything in college? Put it on there.

4. Do a personal and organizational certificate online on EdX and add it to your resume

I have come to find that some of the students I help do not always have awards they received in school. This is no cause for worry. Go on EdX and get yourself a certificate.

There are many leadership certificates on EDX including personal leadership certificates, organizational leadership certificates which may take only 12 hours for completion. You can even do it in one day or spread it to two days. Go ahead and do it and put it on your certificate because those things really make you stand out. You can get all these for free.

resumés that stand

5. Talk about your accomplishments at the job

What did you achieve? Put all that you accomplished on there. Do not write what you did. Rather, write what you achieved. There is a difference between these two.

This has to do with your experience. As an example, I worked as a cook when I was in college. So, as part of my achievements, I will not write that I was a cook but I will talk about how many orders I could finish in a day or a week. So, if I put on there that I completed 500 orders in a week, it suggests I can deal with stress very well. This will definitely catch the attention of a prospective employer as it gives them an idea of who you are and not just what you do.

Pic insert: talk about what you achieved and not just what you do.

6. Volunteering jobs can be put on your resume

Apart from learning, try and get a job on campus just for resumé purposes as it will help you to put something there for job experience.

You can also volunteer. You may not be paid but it helps your resumé. That is why church is important. I say this because you can meet someone who has a business where you can volunteer a few hours a week so that you can have something on your resumé.

You may not be paid, but whoever you worked for can now vouch for you. So, if you complete school without any experience, it is your fault.

7. What you do at church can be on your resume.

It is ok to join student groups but what you do at church is more credible than a student organization. This is so because the church is a registered organization with a recognizable structure and constitution. It has adults and professionals like accountants, administrators and lawyers. All these are important things a student organization does not have. So, put what you do at church on there and write it with a secular appeal.

8. Have a projects section

What I am trying to do is to help you to solve your experience problem. Make this section similar in format with your experiences section.

Many courses you have taken come with projects that you had to undertake. It is important to note that those projects are experiences. If you belittle those experiences, people will also belittle you and what you did. Place a premium on them.

It will surprise you to know that those projects you do are basically what they also do at the corporate environments.

Pick about 3 or 4 projects that align with the job you are looking for, and write them as experiences.

resumés that stand

9. Any project you had to do a presentation on or you had to work in a team is worth mentioning in your Projects section

If you took a course that involved a presentation you had to do after research, put it on there. Also, if you had to work with a team on a topic or project, write it down and fill those two pages. This is how you get calls.

10. Build a simple website with WIX if you can.

When you do this, it will put you in the top 1% of job applicants. Do well to do this when you have the time. Building a website that talks about you helps you to stand out. The website is just like your resumé. It talks about you, your experiences, and projects you have done.

Click here to see an example of my resume

And this is when I graduated: My resume.

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