In this article, I am going to share with you 10 things to know before you marry. There are many who have wonderful thoughts of marrying their Prince Charming or the woman of their dreams. But all their dreams of a beautiful marriage just come crashing down when they actually marry. This often happens because they fail to consider some of these important things I am going to share with you today.

We should understand that a lot goes on for a marriage to be successful and there are a lot also that happen for it to collapse. I am going to share with you the first 5 of 10 things that will help you prepare and which will also help you discover if your partner is right for you.

before you marry

1. The fact that their parents are good does not mean the child will also be a good spouse.

Is he or she committed to God? It is easy to say the person is from a good home or the mother is a good person or the parents are even pastors. But the fact that the parents are good is no guarantee that the kids will be good. So, put the views of people about how good the parents are aside and ask, “Is that person committed to God?” You must find out if they have really given their lives to Christ and also, if they are faithful to God.

Be on the look out for how consistent they are with their quiet time, prayer life, going to church, giving their tithe, their attitude towards soul winning and the like before you marry.

2. Don’t marry because your parents say so

You should ask yourself before you marry if the person you intend to marry is your friend. Are you marrying because they’re saying you are old? Do not allow yourself to be pressured into marriage. The person you want to marry should be your friend. This means that you should be able to laugh with the person, sustain conversations with the person, cry together, comfortably share your secrets, and know each other’s friends. Do not go ahead with the marriage if you cannot do these together.

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3. If you marry too early you will miss out on certain things in life

This point is often overlooked. But it is true that you will miss out on certain things like your youth, the freedom of being single, etc. so, this is something to consider before you marry. You are giving up the freedom of being single in order to be with someone forever.

So, think about it. Do you want to marry at 22, or at 24? Or do you want to take your time? It is something to consider.

4. Consider the fact that people do not really change.

Your spouse is not going to change as you would expect. There are things you will find out about your partner that you will not like. It is important to know that people do not really change as we would like. It is God who does the transformation. Are you willing to go for that?

Consider if the person has a bad attitude or likes messing around with the opposite sex. Is he or she dishonest? Is the person ignoring you for work? Do not go into marriage thinking the marriage will change them. That is not true.

So, can you cope with the negatives that you see in your partner now? Think about it.

marriage is worth every mile

5. Will you be able to manage financially?

This is very important. Is the person you are about to marry working? Also, you must know whether they will be able to take care of themselves financially or not. Likewise, are you also able to take care of yourself financially?

The person does not need to do anything spectacular. But he or she should be earning something they can use to take care of themselves.

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