You can enjoy a happy marriage. It is a fact that many people seem to fall out of love at some point in their marital journey. At this point, you seem to love your spouse but the spark or excitement for the marriage is no longer there, or you seem to be arguing often, always not on the same page. If you are at a place like this, and you’re looking for a way to start over, there are many things you can do. But I want to show you one thing that will change a lot of things.

Happy marriage

Be Your spouse’s Biggest Fan

Do not let your children or friends or anyone else be your spouse’s biggest fan. God made it in such a way that you will be the biggest fan of your spouse. Remember that no one is perfect. Therefore, your spouse must not be perfect in order for you to be their biggest fan.

In football, there are teams that have not won trophies and yet, their fans still stick with them. Do, make it your aim to be with them no matter what.

In Hebrews, we are instructed to “encourage each other every day while it is today” (Hebrews 3:13 NCV). This scripture is true in a lot of ways because there is something that God put in humans that needs to be filled every day. This thing is called encouragement, affirmation or being your spouse’s biggest fan.

Have you affirmed your spouse today? Have you made him or her aware that you are his or her biggest fan professionally, financially, mentally, etc? Perhaps, you are currently angry at something but this change starts with you encouraging each other.

It is important to realize that there is something that makes a person to be able to rise up and do better. It is called affirmation, or appreciation. Even though your spouse may have a weakness in something, tell him or her, “You are amazing to me.” If you do this, you will set yourself up for a happy marriage.

6 Areas of Affirmation when it comes to your spouse

Affirm their value by appreciation

“…a word of encouragement does wonders.”

Proverbs 12:25 TLB

If you’re looking for some wonder in you marriage practice this. Give words of encouragement always. This is very important because whenever you appreciate a person, you’re telling them they’re worth something to you. What you’re doing is that you’re telling them they’re valuable to you. Do this every day and watch your statement fill that tank and get them to where they’re supposed to be.

Happy marriage

Affirm their strengths

Don’t keep looking at the weakness of your spouse if you are looking for a happy marriage. Focus on their strengths and affirm them because everyone eventually becomes the strength you affirm.

What you keep affirming in a person is what they will become. So, If you want you spouse to become something in particular, affirm those strengths and watch the grow into them.

Pic insert:People eventually become what others see in them.

Affirm their efforts

Your spouse is putting in the effort to take care of the children. Also, he or she may be putting in the effort to take care of you. In this case, the best thing you can do for your spouse is to affirm what they are doing.

Affirm their loyalty

Affirm that your spouse is still with you. Appreciate the fact that they could have been with someone else but they chose to be with you.

You need to understand that it is when people’s emotional ranks get low that you get to see the bad side of them. God made it such that someone needs to affirm the other everyday in order for them to be where they want to be. So, it is your duty to push your spouse to where they must get to through affirmation.

Appreciate the fact that they have stuck with you amidst any challenge you may have gone through.

Affirm their uniqueness

Affirm how different your spouse is from others. You don’t need several words to to do this. Just a line of text would be enough to make you enjoy a happy marriage.

How is your wife different from other women? How is your husband different from other men. Let them know that you have noticed their difference and affirm this uniqueness.


Affirm their contribution ministry or to your professional life

I am a pastor. But my wife didn’t have in mind to marry a pastor. So, I’m this case, I have to commend her numerous contributions to my ministry.

Your spouse is also contributing to your life in several ways. You need to affirm that ministry. Commend the way through which they also serve others

I have given you six things you can do to revive your marriage. All you need to do is to send a text of message and you are good to go. Remember that people always become what the others around them say that they are. This is how to have a happy marriage by doing something as simple as affirming your spouse.

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