In our previous post, I stressed why it is important to arm ourselves with this knowledge about drug abuse. It is very necessary because we are going to encounter people who will need us to let them know why doing drugs is bad.

Also, you will need this knowledge to help someone who is caught in this bad habit to come out of it.

You are an Overcomer

How do I resist?

You will have to resist because you have people trying to pressure you into doing it. But I want to encourage you to resist. As the Lord said, resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

Unsurprisingly, we see that people begin to smoke when they go to college. The simple reason is that they have no one to be checking them on what they do. To some extent, they are no longer under strict parental supervision. It is at this point where some fall for the pressure to do drugs.

If you want to be able to resist…

Ask yourself what are the benefits of it?

You need to know that the so-called benefits come at a cost. Irrespective of whatever benefit that they say it has, you should know that this thing will hijack your destiny.

Find out what it costs to do Drugs.

Take a brief moment to educate yourself how much it will cost you to smoke or do drugs. The truth is that it will cost you a whole lot. In fact, you will amount to nothing when you give in to drugs. Also, you are putting your own health at risk giving room to possible premature death.

Do not forget that we spoke about how it will affect your finances and your family too. If you missed that check it out here.

Change friends if you feel pressured to fit in.

Do not give in to the pressure of negative influence. Yes, if you are being forced to fit in, change friends.

The kind of people you associate with can have affect your actions too. Here is one important fact. If you are feeling weak or helpless against the pressure to fit in, and you don’t change friend, you will eventually give in because you are fully immersed in an atmosphere that enables smoking. The key then, is that, if you want to survive, change friends. Find people will different energies. By different, I mean positive influence. These are the people who will force you to do right.

Doing drugs is bad
Find the right Friends

That brings me to my next point.

Be serious at church so you have church friends

He who walks with the wise becomes wise

If you become a member of the church, and you are active, you can make new friends. You will get to have friends who emit positive energies so that even if you are having negative thoughts, you will soon change because they will rub off on you.

At church you will get friends who will encourage you to serve God. So, join some Christian groups if you find yourself in college so that you will not be forced to be around people with negative energy.

How Do you quit?

The formula is run away from, run away to and run away with

Be convinced it’s really killing you and accept you need help

This is what will set you on the right path when you want to quit. You do not have to justify it with excuses. Also, do not minimize the seriousness of it. If you trivialize the effects, it will be very difficult to move towards quitting.

If you cannot be convinced that it is destroying, you can’t help them.

Ask for God’s help and be delivered from the spirit of addiction.

Admit that what you are doing is wrong. Be humble enough to come to Jesus and be convinced that only God can help you.

This is where you need your pastor or someone who has the power of God working in their lives to help you.

Anytime you ask for help, God will send you help.

Doing drugs is bad
God is our Help

Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit’s power. When he fills you, you will lose all the urges that come with addiction. When the power of God comes upon you, any force or power holding you bound by addiction will be overthrown. Find someone who is free from it to help you. In this case, your pastor will be the best person. Go to him or her so that he or she will pray for you.

Overwhelm the flesh by living in the spirit every day.

Romans 8:6

Practice spending 1 to 2 hours with God every morning. This will fill you up will the Spirit of God and help you to overwhelm the flesh.

Secondly, develop the art of meditating on God and his word. This will inundate your heart and mind with God.

In meditation, try your best to remove any form of distraction. When you do that, you give room for things like visions and divine flow.

Avoid triggers and set boundaries. Search and destroy lighters, cigarettes, etc.

Always, put up boundaries. Do not allow any of those things that remind you of the past drug addiction behavior to be around you. Search for them and get rid of them so that they will not tempt you to go back.

Ask your close friends to help check on you.

This is a very important point. Ask your close friends who are interested in you getting better to be checking in on you to make sure that you are staying the course.

Will you always be tempted even after quitting?

YES! Once you have tasted it before, you will definitely be tempted at a point. But you have the power to overcome. So, be quick to know what your flesh likes so you can be vigilant.

We are encouraged to work out our salvation. And also, Peter says:

“Be well balanced and always alert, because your enemy, the devil, roams around incessantly, like a roaring lion looking for its prey to devour.”

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:8‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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