These 10 reasons why sex before marriage will not improve your relationship will probably be one of the best advices you will ever need. After these ten reasons, you should be able to do whatever you can do to remain chaste until marriage.

Sex before marriage
Honor God with your relationship

A lot of women think if they do not have any sexual relationships with their partners these partners would end up going for someone else. Also, some men may feel pressured into premarital sex because they feel that is the only way to prove their manhood. As a result, they end up succumbing to the pressure. But this is not the right thing to do because there are serious consequences.

Let us go on to look at the 10 reasons sex before marriage will not improve your relationship:

You are disobeying God

And Samuel said, “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams.

1 Sam 15:22 ESV

One main channel the devil uses to gain access to you is disobedience. Jesus said in John chapter 10:10 that the thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy but Jesus said I have come to give you life abundantly.  

If there is going to be life and excitement in your marriage and relationship, you need Jesus to be involved. But, the only thing that breaks the life from coming is when you disobey the one who is giving you the life. Anytime you obey God see it like a pipe or straw, there is life flowing through the straw into your marriage.

sex before marriage
Obedience Keeps you in the Flow

It will destroy your soul through hurt and wounds

He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.

Proverbs 6:32 ESV

Hurts and wounds destroy your soul. It is important to know that when your soul gets broken, you will find it difficult to contact the spiritual realm where you will have wonderful experiences with God. Your soul is the version of you that is able to translate things from the spirit into the physical. It consists of your emotions and your state of mind. Sadly, most ladies give their bodies to men thinking that that is what would make them love them more and stay with them but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Rather, what happens is that you are chipping away at your soul, and soon, you will shut yourself from the glorious presence of God.

Again, when you are hurt it becomes very difficult to forgive. A lot of married couples who are still excited in their marriages are because they stayed away from what would destroy their marriage. This destroyer is adultery, which means sex outside marriage. Don’t give access to the devil to affect your soul and mind. Having sex outside marriage means your soul is at stake.

Sex outside marriage will destroy your body and bring sickness

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, 20 for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

1 Cor 6:19-20 ESV

As a Christian, your body is the temple of God. Therefore, honor and glorify God with your body. We have all heard of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. Interestingly, most people always contradict themselves by saying why not use protection like condoms, but again, if you knew this person has AIDS and you were given a condom would you still sleep with them? Your answer will probably be no. It is imperative to understand that you were bought with a price so glorify God in your body and in your spirit.

You make covenants with all sorts of people (1 Corinthians 6:15)

This point is very important especially to the NSA ( no strings attached) group .The second channel by which the devil has access to you is through covenants. A covenant is an agreement made by two parties with conditions attached. So, if you break the covenants something could happen. For example, when you rent a house there is an agreement. The house belongs to the landlord but because an agreement has been signed the landlord can’t come into the house as he pleases even though it is his house because a covenant and an agreement has been set there.

The blessing of Abraham, for example, is a covenant God made with him saying, “I will bless you and your seed,” so anybody who comes under Abrahams covenant automatically enjoys the blessing. That is why the bible says in Genesis to Isaac that “I will bless you because of your father Abraham”. So, when you have a sexual encounter with somebody you are not married to you have opened the door of the covenants of that house to work on you. That means that anything that is happening in that house will affect you. You become one body with the person thus anything going on in their lives will affect you.

You will attract demons (Revelations 18:3)

Fornication attracts devils, foul and unclean spirits. These devils that are there to enforce the law that goes with fornication. Like policemen who are there to enforce the law like if you speed above 90 miles per hour, you should be given a ticket, there are some demons that if you should come into contact with you will never have a good marriage. When you have demons in your life you won’t enjoy your relationship with your beloved even after you get married. The only way to get them to go is to repent. Demons of depression and bitterness, are curse enforcers. There could be times where you realize that you keep having disappointments without understanding because unknowingly you have attracted devils.

sex before marriage
Save your Heart

You will break trust and break the relationship

This is where insecurity begins to plague the relationship. At this point many husbands or wives police their spouses. Some even go as far as hiding devices in the cars of their spouses to track them. This happens because trust has been broken. We have the right to change everything in our lives but the only thing we are not allowed to change is a spouse because God has made you one.

Finally, If you want trust in your marriage, don’t engage in premarital sex. Stay away from it.

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