This is the second part of our series about why sex before marriage will not improve your relationship. If you have not had the opportunity to read the first one, kindly find it here.

In this second part, it is important to know that what actually improves your relationships is a deeper relationship with God. Let us continue with why sex before marriage is not good.

Sex before marriage
Honor God with your relationship

You may end up having a child without a father or end up aborting, Malachi 2:15-16

Living a chaste life will help you avoid the pressure of coming to a point where you struggle with whether you should abort of child or not, or even fret about having a child at a time when you are not ready.

Many times, the reason people reach a point where they contemplate having an abortion is due to their unpreparedness to raise a child. That is why I’m the wisdom of God, He made it such that it should be in marriage, a point where the mother and father will be committed to each other to raise a child.

Therefore, I will advice that if you are not ready to bring a child into the world, do not put yourself in a position where you will be burdened with the possibility of raising a child without a father or having to abort. Abortion is murder, according to scripture since we have seen examples of babies like John the Baptist receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the womb.

Pic insert: Save yourself the pain of having to decide to bring a child into this world or aborting because you are unprepared.

You will be disgraced, Proverbs 6:32-33

Sooner than later, you shall soon be regretting that you gave yourself to someone who used you and dumped you after some years.

Do not give your body to someone who is not committed to you in marriage. In the short term, you may feel you are ok but there will be long term effects that you could have avoided if you had obeyed the words of this scripture.

We see that premarital sex and it’s likes only result in wounds and dishonor. And there is no way this will help any relationship. It is very important to understand that wounds and dishonor will not build any relationship.

You will reduce your value, Proverbs 6:26

You are valuable to God. The Lord got bruised for you. He even had to give up his life for you. So, why would you reduce your value to a piece of bread?

When you engage in sex before marriage you will drastically reduce your spiritual value. Therefore, do not let just a few moments of fleeting pleasure cause you to devalue what God has done in making you a precious vessel.

sex before marriage
Marriage is honorable

Sex increases familiarity. Familiarity reduces your awesomeness.

One important reason to delay sex is that it has the power to finish your awesomeness. This is because they have seen all they have to see, and now there is nothing special to see about you again.

What to do if you have had sex already before marriage

Repent and ask for forgiveness both of you

Repent! This means change your mind. Come before God and tell him how sorry you are for reducing the value he has placed on you.

Importantly, if you are both together, it will have to be the two of you who do the repenting. This is because, if only one repents, the other who is unrepentant would still become a problem because he or she does not agree with what God is saying about sex before marriage.

Determine you will not do it again after today with the help of the Holy Spirit, Romans 8:5-14, Galatians 5:25

The natural man cannot stay away from sexual sin, and in this instance, sex before marriage. What I am trying to say is that you cannot do it on your own so ask the Holy Spirit to be your help on this journey of righteousness.

Also, pray for people to come around you who will inspire you to do the right thing. As a result, you may also have to move away from people who may want to tempt you to do the wrong things.

sex before marriage
Holy Spirit, our Helper

How to overcome wrong covenants

Covenants are more complicated. And it takes a lot to establish and break one. If you are looking forward to being fully free from any wrong covenant, the first thing to do, make sure you have a good covenant relationship with God. A covenant with the monarch of the universe is your surest way to a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Law of absolute dependence on God, Romans 12:1, Psalm 50:5

Sacrifices create a covenant. Let your life be an offering to God. As a result, you become a living sacrifice to God. When you’re in covenant with God, you’re backed by a higher power in whatever you do.

The covering or church you are under and their covenant with God. e.g. David (Psalm 89:3-4, 28-29, 2 Chronicles 13:5, 1 Kings 11:11-13). e.g. Abraham (Genesis 15:18, Genesis 26:24)

God has made covenants with people. And based on these covenants, he does things for those who identify with the people of these covenants. For example, Israel is blessed based on God’s covenant with Israel.

So, the covering you are under, and the covenant they have with God, will also affect you.

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